statement and bio

Artist Statement:

I am a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on fiber and mixed media constructions and installations.  My creatures are created with materials that include hand-dyed commercially fished line and ghost gear, recycled and antique textiles, fabric printed with cyanotype emulsions and found objects.

I change the existing surface of recognizable animals by creating a veneer of unexpected color and imagery on taxidermic forms.  This forces the viewer to consider the shape more carefully by visually exploring its new topography. The creation process can be likened to painting with fibers on a three-dimensional canvas.  Intense work is spent creating the eyes and ears to convey the emotion of each animal by layering and staining torn muslin fabric.

My work has evolved through the years from the heavier used commercial fishing gear to other retrieved ghost gear and netting. This material is acquired through my relationship with conservationists and biologists at marine labs local to my studio on the cape (chiefly the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, MA). The scientifically and historically significant netting is then carefully cleaned, hand-dyed, cut apart and reassembled into biomorphic design (patterns of bacteria, fungi, molds, mineral and geode in color and shape). The location of the materials’ retrieval is carefully catalogued by the scientists and passed on to me as an identifier of the artifacts used in my work.

A recent outdoor commissioned installation at the Heritage Museum and Gardens that I completed Man, materials, and our lasting legacy in the sea, is a large-scale abstract of a partial North Atlantic Right whale ribcage. Representing the connection between whale entanglement and death created from the actual material that is a leading cause, the piece was built to life scale of the whale bone (approx. 11’ high by 15’ wide and 20” long) utilizing almost 6,000 feet of reclaimed lobstering gear.

In many of the installations I am currently working on, the animals are an allegory that highlights and rejects the use of women and nature as a commodity that is exploited by a patriarchal capitalist society (ecofeminism). Earlier pieces of mine have explored the myth of ancient religions and goddess worship through the creation of chimera. Using spent bullet casings in my pieces addressed more current social commentary on American gun culture, school shootings and hate crimes.

Born in New York in 1971, I currently reside and work in eastern coastal Massachusetts.

Accomplishment bio:

In 2018, she was invited by the Provincetown Art Association and Museum to conduct a course at the Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Museum School on exploring new processes and creating a cohesive body work.  Stone is a PAAM member with her work in their permanent collection alongside such notables as Robert Motherwell, Hans Hoffman and Edward Hopper.

Stone has delivered talks at the Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA; the Fountain Street Gallery, Boston; and the Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge.

In collaboration with Fountain Street, Chandler and Kathryn Schultz galleries, she has curated several shows in the Boston and Cambridge area. Her work has been included in exhibitions by such notable curators as Randi Hopkins, Director of Visual Arts Boston Center for the Arts; Paul Ha, Director of the MIT List Visual Arts Center; and Sam Tager, Independent Curator and Exhibition Designer. 

She has a forthcoming outdoor installation commissioned by Heritage Museums and Gardens, Sandwich, MA, on view late May until October 2022. Gin has been awarded grants from the Rauschenberg Foundation, the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, the Awesome Foundation and the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. Born in New York in 1971, Stone currently lives and works in eastern coastal Massachusetts. She is represented at On Center Art Gallery, Provincetown, MA. 

Notables Full list:

Current and Former Professional Member Affiliations:
Provincetown Art Association and Museum
Cambridge Art Association
Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA

Current Gallery Representation:
On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2022 Rauschenberg Foundation Emergency Medical Grant
Awesome Foundation
2020 Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Relief Grant
2018 Artist’s Resource Trust Endowment by the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Permanent Public Collections:
Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA

2107: Line : National Juried Exhibition, *Juror’s Choice Award, Attleboro Arts Museum

Curatorial Work:
2019: Prismatic Redux, Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2018: Recreating Nature, Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA
Creature Comforts, Cambridge Art Association

Artist Talks:
2019: Virtual Studio Talk in conjunction with On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA
Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA
2018: Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA
Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA
2017: Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA

Teaching history:
Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Museum School Method Flux with Gin Stone