statement and bio

Artist Statement:

I am a mixed media surface artist of three-dimensional sculpture.  My materials include hand-dyed commercially fished line, recycled and antique textiles, fabric printed with cyanotype emulsions and found objects.

I change the existing surface of recognizable animals by creating a veneer of unexpected color and imagery.  This forces the viewer to more carefully consider the shape by visually exploring it’s new topography. The creation process can be likened to painting with fiber (that has been tinted with hand-mixed dyes) on a three-dimensional canvas.  I look to the work of The Quilters of Gee’s Bend as inspiration for pattern and color, as well as charts, iconography, and satellite imaging.

Born in New York in 1971, I currently reside and work on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Brief Biography:

From 1989 until 2010, I worked solely as a painter- this background gave me a strong knowledge of color and form. Over a decade ago, I began experimenting with textile, particularly reclaimed fishing gear and line. From trial and error with different types of gear, I found that longline, used to commercially fish haddock and cod local to my studio, could be hand-dyed and manipulated into a strong color pallet with a uniform gauge. I create three dimensional work by cutting and re-piecing material to make the animal’s ‘pelt’s. Other details are hand carved from shell, stone, wood and metal.

Over the last few years, longline fishing gear has rapidly disappeared from the local landscape, as a result of the decline of small  fishing fleets due to decades of over-fishing and the resulting federal regulations. As I progress in my practice, I have been working with stitched and nailed dyed fibers or antique fabrics that have the feel of an abstract painting when combined. I also work with my own cyanotype printed cottons attached to three dimensional forms.

My experience with creating solid bodies of work with unusual mediums led me to teach a course on new methods in an artist’s practice at the museum school in Provincetown, called Method Flux. Creating a solid and consistent body of work that can stand up to time, exhibitions and collections, yet be of constant interest to the artist being a central theme. In short, creating one’s niche.


Current and Former Professional Member Affiliations:
Provincetown Art Association and Museum
Cambridge Art Association
Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA

Current Gallery Representation:
On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2020 Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Relief Grant
2018 Artist’s Resource Trust Endowment by the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Permanent Public Collections:
Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA

2107: Line : National Juried Exhibition, *Juror’s Choice Award, Attleboro Arts Museum

Curatorial Work:
2019: Prismatic Redux, Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2018: Recreating Nature, Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA
Creature Comforts, Cambridge Art Association

Artist Talks:
2019: Virtual Studio Talk in conjunction with On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA
Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA
2018: Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA
Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA
2017: Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA

Teaching history:
Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Museum School Method Flux with Gin Stone

Represented by:
Sara Nightingale Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY
Bill Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, CA and Atlanta, GA
Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Curators who have selected Stone’s work for inclusion in juried exhibitions include:

Randi Hopkins
Director of Visual Arts Boston Center for the Arts

Paul Ha
Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology List Visual Arts Center

Kelly Bennet
Program Officer, Artist Fellowships, Massachusetts Cultural Council

Julie Burros
Arts and Culture Chief, City of Boston

Sam Tager
Independent Curator and Exhibition Designer

Nick Capasso
Director Fitchburg Art Museum

Joseph Carroll
Director of Carroll and Sons

Caroline Mastin Welsh
Art Historian, Author and Director Emerita of the Adirondack Museum

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