Creature Comforts Installation

Installation/Curation/Proposal by Gin Stone Presented by the Cambridge Art Association, October 2018

Creature Comforts:

Enter Another Environment: a landscape of contrasts, with creatures and beings spotlighted in their native realm. Some are adapted to wetlands, others to an environment unrecognizable to humans. In this hall, visitors will explore a hauntingly beautiful, otherworldly depiction of an ethereal, foreign place, and encounter its remarkable residents face-to-face. In addition to stage-like lighting, there will be a mood-conjuring insect soundtrack playing over speakers, with environmental debris on some floor areas (including twigs, straw and longline fishing gear).

The space of the Kathryn Schultz Gallery in Cambridge will be transformed into a life-size diorama which visitors to the exhibition will enter and move about in.

The artist’s will be contributing portals, beings, creatures, images of the environment and billowing representations of the world we will be creating.

Creature Comforts Public Program:

Artist’s Talk with custom sound and lighting installation.
Q&A with a minimum of two of the featured artists.
Specially staged lighting and sounds will create a mood and experience akin to the dioramas in the Hall of North American Mammals at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The artists will discuss the creatures and/or comforts featured in the exhibit, much like a guided tour by a museum docent.

Daniel Zeese, Gin Stone, Gail Samuelson and Christine Kyle

Daniel:Comfort Environmental Aspects (including ceiling hangings from the toile series, fringes and binds)

Gin:Creatures (wall mounted, ceiling hung and installed) / Curator

Gail:Photographic Environment Representations (wall hung prints on paper from her Wetland series)

Christine:Beings and Portals (clay and mixed media beings and portals grouped in ‘colonies’)

Creature Comforts was in part made possible by a grant from the Berkshire Taconic Foundation’s A.R.T. Fund.
Special thanks to the Cambridge Art Association for the green-lighting the installation.

The Natural History Museum Installation: ‘Creature Comforts’ Overview:

A large body installation utilizing the entire Kathryn Schultz Gallery of the Cambridge Art Association. The installation, ‘Creature Comforts’, was a fully immersive natural history style diorama complete with ambient sound created by the artist with special audio software. This was a fully self-curated program from start to finish and invited three other artists including a large format photographer to create the final installation. It was widely considered by peers to be the most cohesive and detailed installation the gallery had hosted to date.