Gin Stone is an multi-media artist and ardent environmentalist living and working on Cape Cod. 
She uses hand-dyed, reclaimed fishing gear in both her Humane Taxidermy sculptures as well as the sculptural wall pieces.

Animals as Myth Makers

Social Commentary

Our Myths Incarnate

Creature Comforts Installation

Upcoming Exhibits: 2019:
June 24-July 19: Prismatic Redux, Curated by Gin Stone with Conny Goelz Scmitt, Chandler Gallery, Cambridge, MA
October: Core Member 2 person show, with Denise Driscoll, Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA

multi-media artist

humane taxidermy

retired fishing gear fauna

crypto coloration

anthropological theory

anatomical biology

myth based chimera


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Dyed longline fishing gear taxidermy is a process under copyright protection