Sarah Swain is a singer/songwriter who sets herself apart by leaving in the rough edges – discovering country and roots music without throwing away her Replacements albums.  This honesty and enthusiasm is captured best in her live performances, which features Sarah on vocals and acoustic guitar, along with a stripped down band that rocks.  Her original set mixes in old Wanda Jackson and other rockabilly classics as well as some lost garage rock nuggets – rock/americana with a hint of country and an energy that makes it all very real.



Her new album “Every Little Bird”  was recorded at Wolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, and produced  by legendary Boston rocker Dave Minehan, and released in December of 2012.  Featuring seven original compositions, the collection also includes tracks by local songwriters Chandler Travis and Emma Dubner and select covers that range from Irving Berlin to Mickey Newbury.  Backed by The Oh Boys, guest musicians include NRBQ pianist Terry Adams and Greenheads frontman Steve Wood.  A collection of folky Americana and gritty rock that sometimes meets in the middle, the varied styles on “Every Little Bird” never sound forced or contrived, largely due to a singer and a band that play for themselves and the songs rather than fitting into a specific genre.